at */*/*/

weak [ət] , strong [æt]
1) in a place in a particular place
I'll meet you at the main entrance.[/ex]
Does this train stop at Newport?[/ex]
We live at 23 Brookfield Avenue.[/ex]
Trevor's at the doctor's – he'll be back soon.[/ex]
I'm babysitting at Sally's (= at Sally's house) tomorrow night.[/ex]
He wants to spend more time at home with his family.[/ex]
Dad should be at work by now.[/ex]
2) near sth sitting or standing close to something
She was standing at the window, staring out.[/ex]
Why isn't he at his desk?[/ex]
3) used for saying when sth happens used for saying what time something happens, or someone's age when something happens
The match starts at three o'clock.[/ex]
What are you doing at the weekend?[/ex]
At night temperatures sometimes fall to 30 degrees below zero.[/ex]
Mozart was already composing music at the age of five.[/ex]
4) during a process in a particular part of a process or series of events
He dies right at the start of the film.[/ex]
At some point things started to go wrong.[/ex]
5) doing sth taking part in an activity, or involved in a situation
We were at a party last night when you called.[/ex]
Has Karen graduated, or is she still at college?[/ex]
6) used for talking about reactions used for stating what causes a particular reaction
Audiences still laugh at his jokes.[/ex]
She was annoyed at being interrupted.[/ex]
7) used with levels and amounts used for showing the level of prices, temperatures, speeds etc
His Ferrari crashed at 120 miles an hour.[/ex]
The plastic pipes will melt at high temperatures.[/ex]
8) in a particular direction used for saying where an action such as looking, pointing, or hitting is directed
Why are you staring at me like that?[/ex]
She swung her bat at the ball, but missed.[/ex]
9) used for talking about abilities used for saying which skills or abilities someone has or does not have
I've never been very good at sports.[/ex]
He is an expert at getting what he wants.[/ex]
at all — used for emphasis when you are saying or asking whether something is even slightly true[/ex]
Has the situation improved at all?[/ex]
Don't you have any money at all?[/ex]
He knows nothing at all about computers.[/ex]
at sth's best/worst/strongest etc — showing the best/worst etc qualities of something[/ex]
This is British cooking at its best.[/ex]

Dictionary for writing and speaking English. 2014.

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